40215s / 411s and audio caching

Could anybody confirm that these drives cache audio ?

I know my ltd163 does not. So are all Liteon readers not caching and all writer caching or something like that ?

Any way of patching a firmware so the drive does not cache audio anymore? :bow:
It is sooooo slow with EAC :eek:

Regarding your LTD-163, if you are using the latest official firmware for that drive, it does cache audio. I have one as well, but I’m using the latest “Dell” firmware from digi’s site, which does not cache audio.

EAC can test for caching.

Mmm yes I know EAC can test for it. That’s the problem. My ltd163 is dying but was very fast with EAC 'cos no caching.

Both 40125s and 411s do caching and are veeeery slow, un fortunately.

If your 163 is not caching, then you either have a very old firmware, or you’re using the Dell firmware from digi.

My 163 is still kicking right along, and ripping audio at 10x with the Dell non-caching firmware. That’s with EAC, of course.

alright… anyway I’ll have to replace the 163 and so, will probably chose the 166 …

Tooo bad all these drive manufacturers are going for audio caching… shame !