401s vs 52327s KProbe error-reports

Scans and burns were done on 401s-ES0G and 52327s-QS0C in 40x. Media is Verbatim Datalife azo, burned 700Mb of data.

I’ll probably still burn my cd’s in the 52327s, since it seems to give somewhat better write-quality of cdr’s.

Burned in 401s, scanned in 401s:

Burned in 401s, scanned in 52327s:

Burned in 52327s, scanned in 401s:

Burned in 52327s, scanned in 52327s:

OC and I have looked at this a bit. He feels that the 401/411 is not a reliable error reporter for C1/C2. I disagree, I feel it is. I have seen discs that reported higher errors in the 401/411 than they did in the 7S, so I feel that demonstrates that the 401/411 is accurate enough.

In any case, the 401/411 is an awesome CDR burner and an even better reader for CDR.
The truth is that all of the scans posted above are discs that are functionally excellent, no difference in terms of performance. The differences in the error rates reported is not significant except as a curiosity.
If you look closely at the graphs, you will see that the general curve of the error rates is the same on both drives. It’s just that the 401/411 does not report all of the 1 and 2 level errors that the 7S does.