401s to 411s firmware problem,two layers



I tried to upgrade the firmware my Liteon 401s to 411s when I did that it was unable to read blank dvds. I’ve tried going back and flashing the drive with the 401s firmware, but now blank dvds show two layers (Shown below). I think I have the original firmware, but I’m not sure.
Any help would be greatly appreciated?


You have already burned something on your disc, first session of 96,5 mb!
If you choose continue with multisession you could use the rest of the disc to burn your data.


Has nothing to do with Layers, only with Multisession.


The dvdr shown is a brand new TDK and I haven’t burned anything on the disk! Every one of these new TDK’s (20 pack) have the same amount of data burned on them. The dvdrs should have nothing burned on them or am I incorrect?