401s, problems with ->411s or ->811s

Ok, here’s my problem.

My friend has a 401s, and a while ago I tried updating it to a 411s. The update seemed to go fine, but his ability to read the +R media which he himself had burned went away - EVERY time he tried to copy a copy, or even just read a backup into his PC, he’d get CRC errors. It had nothing to do with the media - and the errors would happen at a different place every time he tried it.

Additionally, 4x just wasn’t burning reliably for him with ANY media. :frowning:

So I downgraded him to a 401s, with the latest firmware. Now everything is ok, so long as he uses +R media of course.

What I’m wondering is, is this typical of the 401s->411s->811s experience? I tried the new Speedlabs ->811s release and that didn’t seem to do any better.

Did I do something wrong? I patched the original firmware, followed all the steps exactly…

  • Gurm

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