401s es0m prob?

hi guys, while trying to burn a disc today (DVD+R) as ive done a 100 times before, i got an error and keep getting it. unfortunatly i didnt think to copy it to post here, i apologize. So i inserted my new dvd-burner Optorite dd0405 and i recieved the same error which was:
E 22:06:41 Failed to Write Sectors 537120 - 537135 - Logical Unit Communication CRC Error (ULTRA-DMA/32)

And when burning to cds i get burn process failed, fixation error. This happens at the lead in - out process. Im thinking the chances of 2 dvd writers having the same prob, must be software prob somewhere? maybe a re-format? I havent installed anything new in awhile, so im confused as to what this error is. Also with the new DVDRW (optorite) nero doesnt let me select a cd write speed, auto-selects it @ 60x??

Help here would be appreciated as im close to being arrested for the mental health act…thx guys :wink: sasarchiver

PS when blank cd is in drive, green led doesnt go off?? and only a blank cd, others dont??

just format your HDD. sometimes windoze destroys itself :frowning:

Thnx for ur reply chokO. You just confirmed what i was thinking :wink: i need to backup stuff on my HDD, this is going to be fun :slight_smile: thx again sasarchiver