401S and CD-RW capacity?

I own this drive for quite a few days and started to record a s-vcd disc just a few minutes ago. Nero reported 703 MB free on my CD-RW disc from Verbatim and my s-vcd is said to be 699 MB alltogether. Nevertheless Nero refuses to use my CD-RW discs with the explanation that it does not have the appropriate capacity.

Is this an error by the drive’s media recognition or do I oversee something?

Thanks for any suggestion,


What version of Nero are you using? There is a bug in the latest versions of 5.5, and 6.0 where Nero will report that you don’t have enough space available even if you do.

You may want to check out this thread.

You’d see me sitting here shaking my head. I agree to N.B. that Ahead’s moving fast towards the horrible past of Easy CD Crasher. Your advice solved my (software-)problem. Thank you very much for this!

And another part in a story of unbelievable facts about Ahead’s Nero: disc images produced with the newest version of nero before applying the patch cannot be recorded to disc after applying the patch! So I had to de- and reinstall Nero in order to burn my “old” images and then patch it again for future burning - what a piece of crap this software is!