I have a 401S. I want to turn it into a 811S. Don’t really know if this is a wise move for me. I only burn movies with dvdxpress using TDK (1st choice) 4X media, Memorex 4X media, Fuji 4X media, and Verbatim 4X media. I burn data discs with nero and roxio. If I do upgrade the drive, will I be able to burn flawlessly without problems cause right now I burn fine without any coasters whatsoever, but the 8X burning would save me some time.

Also where can you get instructions and the patches to do this upgrade. Also is the upgrade hard? I heard you can go from a 401S straight to a 811S without flashing it to 411S first?


Email me the info


Do a little homework, starting with a search of this forum. These questions have all been asked and answered in previous threads. No offense intended, but if you don’t understand the risks and benefits, you shouldn’t be trying it.