401s@411s problem

I have this problem…

401s without mode i can’t write +R discs… so i modded to 411s now i can burn -R without a problem but the media is unreadable and +R don’t work at all, doesn’t even start to write in Alcohol gives me an error ’ Write Error ’

I’ve tried Verbatim, Memorex and MMore DVD+R…
and Memorex -R

Any Suggestions? I’m getting desperate here… :frowning:

If Your original 401S had not been able to write DVD+R discs (which it obviously should had 'cause it’s DVD+R/+RW writer) You should have returned it.

I recommend reverting the drive back to 401S and RMA it.

Can it be some kind of software problem?

It could well be a software problem. Post some info on your system setup and the software you’re using to burn dvd’s.
By doing the above it allow other members to get a picture of
your current setup and hopefully help to rectify your problem.

The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

One more question to this:
You said you cannot burn DVD+R. OK, but can You burn DVD+RW ?

Have you ever been able to write +R? Did you just get the drive? Have you tried more then one burning application?

Thanks for all the replies…

I used Alcohol 120% and Nero on Win XP sp1.
I have the drive connected in Primary Master.

This drive was given to me, but i was assured that the drive was in perfect working condition. And when he last disconnected the drive he had burned a bunch of DVD+R with sucess.

I didn’t tried to burn DVD+RW only DVD+R and DVD-R (with the mod 411s)

DVD+R doesn’t write at all, just spines in the drive and gives a ’ WRITE ERROR ’ message.

With DVD-R media it burns but the media is not recognized.

I tryed Verbatim Mmore and Memorex DVD+R and Memorex DVD-R

What version of Nero were you using?
Make sure to update to the most recent applicable version.

Nero v6.3.0.2

Alcohol 120% v1.4.8 b1222

If you are using two different applications and they both have the same problems I doubt it’s a burning app issue.
What firmware are you using? The person that you got it from did not perform and EEPROM modifications or anything did they?

Next thing I would try is to install default Microsoft IDE drivers. Other drivers, primarily (but not exclusively) Nforce and VIA regularly cause all sorts of nasty problems.

Originally posted by debro
[b]Right click on my computer->Properties->

Hardware tab->Device manager (middle -right)

Expand IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers

Will have intel / Via / nvidia Ultra ATA storage controller (or similar)

Don’t do the primary or secondary channels. They are children of the main.

Right click on the Via /Intel / Nvidia Ultra ATA / IDE controlller and select “Update driver”.

Then select “install from a list or specific location”-> next

Select “Don’t search. i will choose the driver to install” -> next

Select “standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller (or similar)” -> next

Reboot machine to take effect.


If you have Intel Application Accelerator or VIA miniport installed get rid of them. Also try uninstalling and packet writing software (such as Nero’s InCD) if you have it.

It seems the burner is really damaged… must the motor… i tryed to burn CD’s and it only burns at one point of the CD… DVD-R’s were the same… always at the same point he stops burning.
As for the DVD+R problem i dunno what it is.
I guess i’m going to RMA it.

Thank you all for the help :slight_smile:

I had the same problem: in the procedure I failed and erased the original eeprom, the substitued it with the one of another 401s, anyway that one left unwritten the inner part of the dvd. I’ve tried with other eeproms, from the polish site, and observed some of them left unwritten the outer sectors this time. I suggest u to do the only possible thing: if, as I suspect, you don’t have your original eeprom anymore, you just might throw it away, dump it. The only other possibility is that u try all the eeproms u can find, maybe using a dvd rw. Btw, I choosed to buy another dvd burner, but if u want to try and save this one, I might send u the link where to find the eeproms, with the advice that eeproms contain all the calibration data for a specific drive, so noone can tell you’ll ever find one compatible with yours.
My best wishes, anyway

I really don’t think that this is that case… because the person who gave me the burner never messed with it because he simply doesn’t mess with this stuff.
The burner already had this problem before i modded it for the first time And when i modded it i saved the original EEPROM.

I continued the tests and in Nero CD/DVD Speed i can cleary see that…

but you could sent me the link … it wouldn’t hurt to try…

k, anyway warning: when modding ltnflash sometimes messes, in fact peeps suggest making more than one copy of the eeprom. Btw here it is: www.liteon.neostrada.pl/
Hope it’ll be useful to you, but make sure u don’t loose your eeprom. Try using kprobe for logs of burning, it’s the standard here in this forum, and it gives many more useful informations. And use a dvd rw for your attempts and verifying the burning.
My best wishes.

Thanks a bunch…

Another thing on that url that u gave me, the EEPROMs are divided by months being my drive from Sept. 2003 is more likely to find a “compatible” EEPROM in that group isn’t it? Or that has nothing to do whatsoever?

Sorry, dunno.
I’ve noticed that mine, that I bought in september, works more likely like the latest july and some august eeprom, anyway I don’t suggest u to mess up with it: the only result I got is changing the sector it writes on the dvd. anyway I didn’t yet finish testing them. Btw, if you want to try, use a rw media and look at the writeble surface after writing to get indications from it, and try a sampling of the eeproms: first some of a month, then one of another, and look at differences.
Btw, the best suggestion here is to do nothing with it…

To be honest i didn’t want to mess with “alien” EEPROM’s but i’m kinda pissed and want desperatly to burn a sucessfull dvd :bigsmile: but i’ve emailed LiteOn already to sent it to RMA…
i just don’t know what to do :confused:

I understand u. I was so exhausted, so stressed that I’m buying a 451s this week, but I’m still looking for a solution for the 401s… so at least I’ll install on some older machine. Regards

Ok… i tried DVD+RW with my own EEPROM and it burned! up to the point were he stops normally… but he recognized it…

So since he only can’t burn DVD+R and it only burns to that point of the DVD/CD… can the problem be other than hardware? EEPROM or firmware problem?

well, you should try acting on firmware before everything else, eeprom is delicate and it’s always better to think and think again before acting on it. then, if a firmware upgrade or downgrade doesn’t work you might try eeprom, taking care of saving eeprom at least 3 times in different places to be sure about it. btw don’t work on eeprom if you want take advantage of the warrancy: mods invalidate it and you should take the driver back to its original state b4 returning it.
Hope to be helpful