40125W: What's the difference between WS01 and WS03? HELP

I now want to update the firmware of my original 40125W to WS03!

Is there any difference in media compatibility or something else?

Please help me!!!

I think ws03 have better media compatibility, but beside that I don’t think there is any noticeable differences.

If that is the case, why has liteon not officially posted and released W03 ? I would think that increased media support would be a definate reason to post the firmware from their standpoint.

I only ask because I also have the W01 on mine now and am debating going to W03. There is just not enough information as I have seen that compares the 2 and clearly identifies their differences.

I just wish that they would go ahead and release an official update that includes Mt. Ranier support. Since I just bought my drive I would prefer not to immediately void the warranty by going to ZS0J.