40125W problems

Ive just wrote a 710mb cdi to the media that came with the above drive using Discjuggler and its taken 21 mins to do at 40x.
Need some input on this it just carnt be right.
Thanks in advance.

What are your system specs?

I have seen my drive slow to a crawl when burning some Memorex CDRW that where bad it took an hour to burn a VCD and then it was still bad.

Have you run any checks to see if the burn was even good?

I’m 99,9% sure that DMA is not enabled. Enable DMA and all should be nice.

w9x/me: device manager–>CD-ROM’s–>find the writer–>check the properties and verify that DMA is enabled.

w2k/xp. Device manager–>ide controllers–>find the ide channel that your writer is connected to–>check that it says “DMA if availible” and not “PIO only” under properties.

Thanks for the replys the burns its produces are fine no problems.Dma is enabled this was my first reaction the system below was built by me last night and im just getting it running i only have Disc juggler at the moment and thats a doggy copy so im just thinking even though im setting it to run at 40 its just about hitting 4x so maybe its the crack i used for it.Its the latest version so i`ll have another look at that and load up some other soft and see what the results are.
Ill get back yo you
Thanks guys.

Yeah must have been as dodgy crack im now testing with Creator 5 and the speed has improved but now easy cd is reporting buffer underun copying from the harddrive.WTF i thought that was what burn proof was there to stop.Until now ive always used scsi manly plextor and only went liteon because of the glowing reports.So what do you think just a point i have the DVD and CDRW on the same channel CDRW is set at master not ideal but the HD is on its own on the only avalible ATA100.
Any ideas