40125w or 40125s

which is better lite on 40125w or 40125s. Im asking because I ordered an s version but I was sent a w version.

They are aboutthe same. The W version is newer and is replacing the S version.

But so far there is not a firmware out for the LTR-40125W that supports Mt.Rainier. But for LTR-40125S there is a firmware out that supports Mt.Rainier.

Thank you. Im not sure what mt rain- is yet but thanks for the reply. looks like I got a deal buy them sending me the w version if its newer.

Sorry how can i upgrade my 40125s to a 40125w? Is it possible?

The procedure is explained in the MTKFLASH tutorial in the sticky thread.

You might as well overclock to 48125W.

thanks i forgot to look there!