40125w not supported in CDRWin, any fix?

I have the 40125w and want to know if there is a way i can trick cdrwin into using it for example make it think my liteon is a liteon model it does support.I need to use the bin and cue format and dont like fire Burner is there any other programme which will write these if so what and how.

Be easy with what you asks for. Stay on the right side of the lline :wink: Changing the programcode in programs is illegal…so far it’s okay with me but I just wanted to tell you. :cool:

CD-Mate do also write bin and cue, don’t nero also do this? Don’t really know since I nearly never burn such filetypes (probably since they are mostly used for illegal stuff :p).

yes nero does support cue/bin …you can write them im sao, dao and dao/96 if you drive support it

Thanks Lads
Just dropped 3.8g off golden hawk a my drive is now supported i must have had a old version:(
I would just like to say thanks for the cd mate tip i thought this was mickey mouse soft but i`ve run around ten games off with it today with sd2 with no probs ok so clone could do it but its nice to have a alternative.

Golden Hawk have a strange habit of releasing new versions, with the same number…

Makes it a tad difficult to know if one’s version is the latest… :slight_smile:

a certain ahead seem to not be able to budge from the magic v5 also :slight_smile: