40125W LED red while burning

I’ve got a true 40x, not overclocked.
Using the ws03 FW.
Whenever I burn any disc at all, the light on the front of the drive is solid red.
The burn speed is fine, and the discs test out alright, but the light is supposed to be orange, or at least flash orange once in awhile, isn’t it?

It’s connected to the secondary master on my motherboard,an Asus CUSL-2C. It is the only thing on that IDE controller. It’s set to UDMA 2.
I’ve got a promise card in the board as well, but since the cd/rw drive isn’t connected to it, I don’t see how that could cause a problem. Can anyone suggest to me how to fix this?


I thought that the light is solid red under normal burning comditions and orange when buffer underrun protection kicks in, well thats what happens with the 24 speed.

I have the LTR-40125w (not overclocked) and the light is :confused: green when reading and :a red when writing, there’s no problem here and my writes are always perfect.
With firmwares WS03 and WS05 the light is red when writing so I wouldn’t worry about it.

Oh… I guess I had it backwards then.
I thought red light = bad.

Thanks gents!

yes indeed the led is red, wen its burning on full speed.

its going to be orange wen its write with variable speeds, that happens wen burnproof kicks in.

so if its red your burner runs at his best

greetz sphere man