40125W Bin File Needed

Does any one have the VS05 .bin file that I can get please.
I downloaded the .exe file from Liteon but when I install it and reboot the firmware is still the same version. I am using Windows XP so I will use MTKFlash if I can get the bin file. Mine firmware is version S03 at the moment.

I’ll try to upload more firmwares to my firmware place tomorrow…including ws05 for LTR-40125W.

(btw: try to disable DMA and then flash with the Lite-On program, make sure that it’s connected to the main IDE controller as well and not to a add-on card).

Go to the following link and download what you need:


Nice page, simply and direct.
But why an image of a bootCD ??? A diskettte is made much faster.

Enter a disk in the drive
rightclick on the a-drive
select Format
select add system file / make bootdisk

Done !

delete everything from dikette exept for;

add the MTKFlask.exe and the needed bin file to the diskette.

Eventually add a txt file with explanation and there’s the ultimate upgrade-diskette…

It’s for thouse that ONLY use win XP or Win 2000 for example.

And thank you for notice the page Madison. :slight_smile:

I’m happy that my page is helping others… :bow:


That’s what I meant !
I also use WinXP only.