40125w and minimum burning speed

@alexnoe’s page, it says:
“This writer (40125w@48) seems incapable of writing to cd-r discs at speeds of 16x or lower with acceptable quality, except Verbatim Metal Azo discs.”
Since I burn at 4x most of the time (I 'm backing up psx games), I would like to know if burning at this speed gives unreliable results. As long as I have burnt psx games though, I don’t seem to have any difficulty playing them in my psx.

Have you done C1 scans with your discs written at 4x?

Have you seen and read this yet ? modchip-au.com/general.asp?showpage=esmpics.htm

His results with Mitsui are same as mine: On my site, you can see extremly low C1 error rate for Mitsui, recorded at 2x.

But if your writer was not optimized to give a good quality at 2x or 4x, it won’t write such deep and clear pits.

Now i’d like to see some pictures of Mitsubishi, recorded at 16x or 24x.

So, I guess, LiteOn 40125w cannot write with good quality at 4x.

“guessing” is not a good way to determine writing quality… :stuck_out_tongue: