40125w <--> 40125s



Are the 40125W and 40125S really interchangeable ?

Can I upgrade WS03 and ZS0G firmware in both directions ?

I want Mt.Rainier support. ZS0G has it, allthough some in this forum believe ZS0G still has some quirks.

I bought a 40125W some days ago. It works great but I want Mt. Rainier support for sure (I can now still bring it back and wait until Ranier support comes available).

I don't know wheter LiteOn can be trusted that they will bring out a firmware release for the 40125W with good Rainier support.
They advertise the 40x dives with Rainier support, but it still isn't officially available.

Who knows when we can expect firmware for 40125W which includes Mt. Rainier support ?

All newer LiteOn drives will have a 4MB buffer. I wonder if this has only to do with 48x burning speed, or if a larger buffer is allso required for proper Mt. Rainier support ?

Who knows more ? :rolleyes:


i presume the forward backward f/w changing would be OK with MTKFlash, the mediatek f/w tool.

I suppose a man of experience needs to answer, and thats probably you isn’t it OC ? :stuck_out_tongue: