40125S wont burn

can anyone help…i have 40125S and after 2 months it has decided not to recognise blank cds. It reads no prob but i cant write with it
I read something about deflashing will cure the prob on other models…

does anyone know about this or have a solution to make my burner burn or does it have to go back to the shop ?

what recording program are you using, firmware using is DMA enabled, what blanks using,what system ect :confused:

os= 98 SE windows 4.10(Build 2222A)
burning with Nero (bundled)with 40125S
blank discs =Intenso 700mb

Lite-on LTR-40125S ZSOK

Everything worked well for 2 mths till yesterday when pc stalled halfway thro burning a disc…now itmy liteon can read but it dont burn…

mr glum:bow:

Have you try to un plug the power cord for several moment…

i.e. 30 minutes?

Thanx for the support, problem solved, i flashed the burner with latest update and now have a working 48x speed
…now where did i put those discs ?:bigsmile: