40125s with TY, Nero CD Speed Errors

What’s up with this? I’m using 48x Fujifilm (TY) disks. The ones that come in the new style cakebox. I’m trying to burn an image I ripped from a sony CDR @ 16x (to ensure it wasn’t the image causing problems) also, the orig. disk has NO C2 errors reported.
I HAD o/c’ed to 48125w (VS06), and I had C2 errors too (only they were from the 30-40min area. but NOT towards the end like they are above. My case is cooled very well so that can’t be it.
After reading around here it seems that these damned C2 errors aren’t that important. but anything that says “error” upsets me! could it be a bad image I’m trying to burn? any ideas? It can’t be because wouldn’t the C2 errors so up at exactly the same points? anyway, any help would be nice! (side note: will our lite ons burn Mitsui disks, I read that they don’t)
current firmware ZS0N [ul]
[li]smartburn on
[/li][li]burned w/ CloneCD v4
[/li][li]burned at “Max” and also tried at 24x, same results.