40125S to 48125W, Dead Drive ARGGH

Ok, I’ve searched all through the forum and there are message that are close but none quite with the same issue I have.

I have an Asus A7V133 with a Athlon 1.2 TBIRD OC’D to 1.3.

Bought my 40125S from Dell for $41, took it home plugged it into primary IDE it was only drive on cable, system saw it no problem.

Setup my boot floppy, put mtkflash and vs06.bin on it, booted from it, ran mtkflash 1 W /B vs06.bin, it ran through all the banks no problem. Powered off, powered back on and the drive has solid green light and BIOS won’t see it.

So I flash again, it runs through no issue, power off, power on, same problem.

So I try to go back to 40125S bios, flashes just one bank says ok. reboot, same problem.

Bring it into work hook it up to a Dell GX1, try to flash to vs06.bin and it flashes no issue, still same problem.

Any ideas?

Tack (Swedish for Thanks)

==> http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=42502

Read the bad flash recovery notes.

Don’t mean to be stupid but I had read the bad flash recovery.

by “# connect the drive as secondary single slave”

would I:

Put drive on secondary IDE channel as the slave? I would assume the the only drive in the chain.

I did try putting the drive on the secondary controller with drive select set to master.

sorry to be dense.

Put drive on secondary IDE channel as the slave?

Exactly. It should be alone in the chain and connected to the secondary channel as slave. If this doesn’t help, then you must use another PC to revive the drive.

I’m a little confused here, without using a “cable select” cable how can you have a slave only chain. I understand how to set the drive select on the drive and how to put it on the secondary channel, just didn’t think you could put only drive on a chain select it as slave and have it detected.

I tried it on my Dell GX1 at work and it won’t see it as the only slave on the chain. Now could be a problem with the Dell but maybe something else?

Thanks again for your help.

Then your mainboard is a problem. It’s not normal that a single drive connected as slave is not seen.

Check your BIOS for IDE/ATAPI devices.

After the bad flash the BIOS does not see the drive. Before it saw the drive fine, said “Lite-On 40125S”.

Sorry if that wasn’t really what your statement was about.


The BIOS never sees a bad-flashed LiteOn drive. This is normal. However, master/slave settings are not only related to be BIOS, but also important for the ATA/PI controller and should affect it.

If you connect the drive as secondary slave, at least mtkflash should be able to access the drive. If it doesn’t, you can’t do anything but take the drive to another PC (preferable with non-VIA-chipset)

So setup drive as secondary slave alone on the chain, ran mtkflash and all banks good.

Still solid green light and my bios won’t see the drive.

I have a quick question, since I have the 40125S, is there any problem that the BIOS I am flashing to is 48125W, with the W being the part I’m worried about. Isn’t the “W” drive a different drive?

Anyway I’m stumped. I can’t understand why everything seems to flash fine but no go.

Thanis again

The “W” doesn’t matter.

Do you use mtkflash version 1.48?

Yes sir. Got it from here http://home.bip.net/mikaj/40125w/

Is there any way to check the BIOS to make sure it’s ok? I got VS06 from the same place.

Thanks again

The file there is not identical to mine. It has several differences in the first several kilobytes.

Try this one as soon as it works again or that one

Maybe i am way off, but isn’t this the famous oem drive ?
(The same drive as the 24x and 32x drives from this threath: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=54277 )

I would try the firmware posted there, maybe that one works ! :slight_smile:


Depends on the original firmware: If it was XSU1, then it indeed was the OEM version. If it was ZSxx, then it is an upgradeable drive.

the links to the other firmware files are .ace files, are they .bin files?

If I cliick on the link I only get garbage on screen, I assume I’m look at the file?

Can’t right click and “save as”.

How do I download?

If this fixes my drive I owe you :wink:

They are compressed bin files.

I’m not sure, but usually you should be able to do a right-click and “save as…”. What bad browser do you use?

I’ll send you the file via email…(you don’t need to post it, i can look it up)

You can download WinACE here

Thanks again for all your help.

I’m using Netscape 7.0, just tried you link with IE 6.0 and it worked.

Trying it now.

Will update when done.


It was the .bin file all along. Used yours and it worked fine. My system see the drive as a 48125W.

One indicator is that it flashed more banks than the first .bin file.

I guess where I got it from is corrupt.

Thanks Again

Tack (Swedish for Thanks)

I will check the files. It’s very strange. it shuld work.

Any way check for uppdates on my new site.


And I will check it. And fix it if it is a bad file. And thanks Alexnoe that you have pointed on the problem.

I fix it to night after work. :slight_smile:

And sorry for the problem that has caused you people.

And for now! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE FILE! until I have fixed it.