40125S to 40125W?

If both the LTR-40125W and LTR-40125S use the same same chipset (MediaTeK’s series 5, the W/S indicating P-CAV/Z-CLV) shouldn’t it be possible to flash a 40125S with 40125W firmware (say WS03) to turn the 5S into a P-CAV drive with non beta firmware (albeit without Mt. Rainier) ?

Has anyone done it ?

That shold be possible.

But I doubt that it will perform better/give better results than the zs0g unofficial firmware.

when are those damn unoffciial f/ws gonna become official !!! (rhetorical)

SO whats the best f/w for the 40125S ?

If you want the best write quality/stay safe: ZS0A
If you want the best speed: ZS0G

Im currently running zs03, I just downloaded the R40ZS0A.zip file from the LTR-40125S/windows/ folder from your firmware files download page. So all I have to do is extract it and double click, right?

Soz for the n00bie question, but I really am a n00bie :confused:

Yes, that is how you do.
And no questions are too dumb to get an answer. :slight_smile:

i double clicked the zs0a.EXE and it said to pick what liteon IT drive I wanted, but there was no selection of anything, the window was empty, and it had nowhere where I could input a response…I exited…did I just f*ck my drive?

If it was completly empty (just a gray box), you’ve been in close encounter with Lite-On buggy firmware-flasher.

Did you download it from Liteonit.com?
If not, do that. It will probably solve your problem…

yes thats what it was, just a grey box, and I downloaded it from here.

Try this link: Firmware ZS0A

Do this version work better or is it the same version?

Things to try if it still not work:
-Try to Disable DMA
-If you use IDE drivers other than those shipped with the OS, uninstall them(Via, AMD, SiS, Intel…)
-Make sure your drive is connected to the standard IDE controller and not to an extra add on controller.

I’m curious…

I’ve seem the ZS08 firmware out there (and some claiming to use). It is newer than ZS0A or older? Obviously, the ZS0A is still the best for quality burning, right?


thanks OC freak, all is well now and I have upgraded :smiley:

ZS0A seems to give the best write quality.

ZS0A is newer than ZS08.

ZS0A seems to give the best write quality.

Cool thanks bud! :smiley: