40125s still something fishy

I have Nero
I have Firmware ZS0F
I have burnt to Princo CD’s @ 4X
Why do my copied audio CD’s momentarily skip bits on playback?
Also, goto track 3, for example, and you are 15 secs into it! (not at the beginning?
I have tried using the wizard, but it is worse.
I have tried “Copy CD” with jitter correction “on”
Somebody help me PLease.

Have you tried to upgrade the firmware & tried other CD-R disc brands?

I am told that ZSOJ is the latest.
Have you heard that other CD-R’s will solve this problem?
I tried installing Easy CD Creator 5.3, but it did not detect my burner.
Should I try other software?
The Princo CD’s I use work on all other burners that i am aware of, including Panasonic.

I like to use kodak, mitsui toatsu or Taiyo yuden for audio…