40125S Reading problem at 57min on every CD?

Hi everyone,

I’m having numerous problems with my 40125S. I’ve tried ZS0A, ZS0K and ZS0N and VS02.

One problem is, on every disc including audio CD’s I’ve bought from music stores and the data cd’s I’ve written, when I do a CD Quality check with nero cdspeed at precisely the same location (around 57min) the curve dips and then returns to normal. It’s like a tiny spike down just at that location.

I have more problems with the drive but just wanted to know if this is normal or not first.


It does not occur on all LiteOns, but on many. Ignore it. The data itself is properly read, just the error info the drive returns is corrupt.

Hi Alexnoe,

thanks for the quick reply. I am somewhat relieved to know it’s not just my drive. Is there any technical explanation about it?

I have a lot of other problems with the drive.

I bought some Fuji 1-24X TY. Originally had Sony 32X cdrs. The Sony’s faired better when I used the ZS0A FW. But none of the FW give me good results with the Fujis. With VS02 the drive allowed writing at 48x.

Issue is, when I do a scandisc or cd quality check on the writer, no problems. But when I try the same tests on my Toshiba 1402 DVD or my Asus S500, I get 10s and even 100s thousands of errors or many damaged sectors. Both drives according to nero infotools support C2 errors. When the drives encouter a batch of errors, the DVD at least slows down to a crawl, around 4x speed.

I’ve tried writing at 4x with the Fuji TY and it solves nothing. I’ve tried ZS0A, ZS0K ZS0N and VS02. No difference.

I’ve writen at 4X, 16X, 24X, 32X 40X and 48X. All data is readable but with many damaged sectors.

I wish to get 0 erros like a lot of people claim they do. Mine is made in China Aug 2002. Originally came with ZS0K FW.

BTW I have tried using both 40/80 pin cables. I’ve tried the writer in different computers. Both computers are 900MHz with 256mb on win2k. Nero

I was wondering if that reading problem at 57min might point to a faulty batch of writers. I’m really curious why it happens at the EXACT same location on any disc.

My 48x drive shows the same error, but only sometimes. Ignore it.
As for the C2 errors, you may have a bad drive if it’s that serious. The Fuji 24x media should burn very well at 32x. Is your drive adequately cooled? That is, are the errors worse after you have been running the CDRW drive for a while? Run your LiteOn with ZS0N untill you get this sorted out, some of them don’t like being O/C’d.

Could be a buffer filling problem due to your Hardware configuration (PC memory size etc…).
The buffer could get emptyed but the Liteon “Buffer Underrun Protection feature” stops the recording for a short time, lets the buffer fill again and then resumes the burning.
This coul be the reason of the “glitch” when testing the CD Quality. As rdgrimes says not a real problem!

It would be interresting to try your drive in an other PC (with more power). If it still apears and at 57 min then I would return the drive under warranty since it could be a mechanical problem. (Yes this kind of thinks happened on old Philips 4x burners due to a week spring…)

Actually I don’t think it’s a buffer related problem. I’ve watched the light all the way through on many burns and its always a constant red. I’ve also watched the status section in nero and everything always looks ok.

I checked the review at cdrlabs of the same drive, and their nero read tests show this exact phenomenon I am experiencing. Although mine dips are shorter and sharper, the ones at cdrlabs on i think all of the liteons from 24x to the 48x, show longer wider dips. The review done here at cdfreaks doesn’t show the dips like alexnoe said.

The problem with returning the drive is that I’m a small home based reseller, actually I only stay registered to get better prices for myself, hehehe. Got out of the business. Anyway my supplier tests all rma’ed products and doesn’t hand over a replacement on the spot. I have to wait until they decide if anything is wrong or not which takes a few days. And their testing methology is probably nowhere near as what we do or expect. I am sure they just load in any cheap old 4x media, burn some data and test if the data is fine. No scandisc, cd quality check etc. If it works out fine, they won’t give me a replacement. So I’m stuck with it.

First, since you say you get read errors on the Toshiba 1402 DVD or Asus S500 try to read the diks in another PC !

Then you could try the drive in Writing on a really different PC (you said that you used the same kind of PC as yours, same processor and so on.)

Check your environment: heat, power supply, vibrations …

You could try another quality check software to eliminate the suspition of Nero quality check. read the http://www.cdfreaks.com/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=51738 thread.

Hi thanks for your reply flyer.

I’m more confused ever than before now.

I recall another thread by someone who experienced what I am experiencing now. He would get strange read performance from his creative cdrom reader. Put in a “good” disc, then place a liteon burned disc, and voila, no more errors. Well now this is what is happening to me.

I burn a CDR, read it in the liteon and it checks out usually 100% ok, or sometimes just one damaged sector. Put this disc into my Toshiba DVDROM and sure enough right off the bat, the cd stutters, reads at a crawl and is found to have tonnes of errors in CD Quality Test and in scandisc. Then if I place a Sony CDR which I burned ages ago (1-12X) on my 8424S Yamaha, which reads perfectly on the DVDROM, then place the liteon burned CDR which just previously came up full of errors, now reads perfectly!!! No errors in CD Quality Test and no damaged sectors in scandisc. I don’t get lucky 100% of time doing this, but the there is a consistent trend and usually I only get 1 error or only a tiny few.

Before I realized this, I had come to the conclusion that flyer had hit upon something, about the heat/cooling. It had seemed to me that if I don’t touch the CDRW for a long time, thus letting it cool, and then burn a CD, it usually came out very clean. I noticed further burns after, when the drive was warm, the burns weren’t coming out as clean, more errors and damaged sectors. Then I held a case fan near the drive to cool it and underneath and on top to try out flyers recommendation. Even after I had it thoroughly cooled and then continued to cool it while I started a burn process, the final burn at 24X on Fuji 24X media still produced some errors. So I concluded, wow this drive really has major heating problems, and I felt I had a strong case to RMA it.

But then hours later I discovered the strange observations which I stated at the beginning of this post, that all those discs that seemed to be bad, in fact read perfectly or almost perfectly when I first place and old Sony CDR burned at 8X on a yamaha 8424S. But like I mentioned, not all discs read perfectly after this initialization with the Sony, some still read terribly, but with marked improvement. Anyone have ANY??? idea what this all means?

Update to Nero 5.599. Do you have any other ASPI drivers installed?

btw The problem occurs under WSES, too. So it has definitely nothing to do with ASPI or the such.

Maybe you have 2 problems, the heat on the Liteon and lens sensitivity /focus alignment on the Toshiba.

I have seen similar problem: the CD Reader took ages to find some cds and found quickly some others. Tweeking a little potentiometer close to the laser head solved 99 % of the reading problems.

Not that I don’t encourage you to open the Toshiba and play with it but sounds like it could be the problem.

This kind of problem makes the drive (Toshiba in your case) sensible to surface reflectivity of CDs. You may try with media that has different reflective substrate (if yours is blue then try gold etc…)

Hi everyone,

As the saying goes, ignorance is bliss. I’ve pretty much decided to forget the comments I’ve read in a lot of posts suggesting that the liteons are terrible readers and to test on other readers to confirm the quality of the burns. I think it’s pretty safe to say the culprit of the anomolies which I have observed are all attributed to the Toshiba DVDROM. I’m going to just try and forget everything and assume that nothing is wrong with my liteon at all. When I test all my CDs in the liteon, usually I get no errors in both scandisc and cd quality test. Sometimes i get a few errors where the position hits 57 mins, but usually a second test will come clean. The Fuji 24X are fine too at 40X i think.

Flyer.flyer, yes I think it’s the Toshiba drive with problems with the reflectivitity, etc. I wonder why that when I place the Sony TY disc in the drive for a few seconds and do a cd quality test and then place the Fuji TY disc in there, reads become fine? I don’t want to open it and touch it as you mentioned because I wouldn’t know what I am doing.

Overall I just wanted to make sure the burns I was making would be readable later with all of my working readers. If like the Toshiba, it’s not working properly, well, there’s nothing I can do about it, and right now I am worrying about nothing, the liteon is fine.

Thanks everyone for your help. I appreciate all of the suggestions and comments. I love this site and the forum. Especially the people :slight_smile:

Originally posted by hohohoh

Toshiba drive with problems with the reflectivitity, etc. I wonder why that when I place the Sony TY disc in the drive for a few seconds and do a cd quality test and then place the Fuji TY disc in there, reads become fine?

Anyway there is nothing really serious, so cool down and relax…

Inside the readrer, there is an optical lense that must be very precisely focussed in order to read the CD track.
Allong with the lens is a magnetic coil (comming is piezzo cristal) that is controlled by an electronic circuit making sure the lens is focused all the time.
Now imagine all things that could happen to the lens and that bring it out of foccus!


  • Dust on the lens.
  • The mechanical support of the lens cannot move smoothly in all positions according to the magnetic coil controlling the position.
  • The electronics circuit’s gain to control the focus depends on factory adjutments, usually a midrange …
  • The algorythm used to keep the lens foccused is it self dependend of media parameters like reflectivity.

I stop the enumeration here since it would take a long page and not really help you to progress wit your issue.

I thing that if you trust your Liteon (after re-checking the heat conditions) you could get 99% sure by trying the burned CDs in a friends PC.

Oh… and just an addition: it is not easy to cool down the CDRW drive since it is the lazer beam mechanism who is sensitive to the execess of heat, and this is in the core of the drive!

Thus the reommendation is NOT to add a fan blowing on the drive but just make sure your PC box (tower … ) maintains low internal temperature and the Burner is not installed just besside a very hot hard disk. (these are examples …I have seen PC installations where you could make French Fries !)

Thus the reommendation is NOT to add a fan blowing on the drive but just make sure your PC box (tower … ) maintains low internal temperature and the

I was able to demonstrate about a 50% reduction in read errors on burned CDR’s simply by putting a fan on the hard drives, (beneath the CD drives), and an exhaust fan on the case. Now the CD’s come out of the drive at room temp, to slightly warm to touch, whereas they used to come out hot. But i find that reading operations raise the temp inside the drive as much as the writing does, so it’s the RPM’s making the heat, not the laser. Still, the moral is: cooler is better.

I agree in some extend, since cooloing down the hard disks (big heat producers) contributes to maintaint the housing’s temperature lower.

In this thread however the point was thaht the optical head could reach a temperature where it starts to enter a safe mode operation, so it is the case’s temperature that we want to keep low since in the liteon drives there is no room for those nice littlefans that could help.

Originally posted by hohohoh
Flyer.flyer, yes I think it’s the Toshiba drive with problems with the reflectivitity, etc. I wonder why that when I place the Sony TY disc in the drive for a few seconds and do a cd quality test and then place the Fuji TY disc in there, reads become fine?

Ok, we all know things are not simple, otherwise we wouldn’t be here!

Just think: if your toshiba can read the 'Liteon cd" after another CD inserted but not before how could it be the “Liteon”'s CD’s fault?
It is “readable” or not “readable”! there is no midway!
If Tosh can read it once than it is readable.
What changes the tosh from “unable to read” to “able to read” ?
Another CD inserted. And what can another media inserted change within the drive? Default parameters like focus walues and so on!!! So it starts with those parameters for the next disk inserted.!

What I’m writing here is not a certainty but logical suppositions.
take them or leave them, but at least we all progress!

And yeah, it is really a nice place this forum! I went here for a while as a guest and finaly decided to participate actively to the discussions because I learn my self allot of things while helping others!