40125S not reading commercial discs

Am I the only one having trouble here? I just bought a Lite-On 40x12x48 drive and I’ve come across some Cd’s it has trouble reading. I might understand this is they were copies. But these are original CDs from a vendor. One is a grahipcs program and the other is a How to type program written in Macro. I put the disc in my other teo machines and they work just fine. Anybody else having this problem or just me.

ASUS A7V333 MB, Athlon XP 1900+, 512 DDR PC2700 Ram, Audigy Sound Card, Geforce3 video, 3 WD Hard Drive totalling 190GB (I need this space for video processing.) hope the specs help.

All my Lite-On drives works great as readers…strange.

Have you tried to upgrade to the latest firmware for the drive?

Grab it at www.liteonit.com

And what is the program actually? do it hang? do it read slow? or?

The drive takes forever to even recognize the cd. If and when it does, it takes forwver to install and never completes it. And the hard drive lite runs constantly. It took 30 minutes to get 75% of the program installed (400MB). I finally gave up and when I went to close the program, it locked on me (“not responding”).

This is not all cds mind you. I chalk it up to bad cds…but they read fine in my other two systems