40125S latest firmware needed in bin format!

Need ZS0J, ZS0K, ZS0N if possible the last one there, in bin format


Please reply here and email it to me king6@hotmail.com

Try to do it though windows and it flashed fine, but turned on dead writer, green staying on, trying mtkflash for recovery.



come on

does any1 know the dos line for litefirm.exe


Get’em here liteon.notrix.net/

btw, you can use the 48125W FWs as well.

As far as the recovery is concerned please let us know how it was for you, OK ?

direct links to firmwares that are not on your own server are generally a bad idea. Dyzan did not like it last time…

Sure thing ! I’ve taken away that one.
Hopefully Dyzan will forgive me for that :bow:

Yes, I can forgive you. :slight_smile:

Party on dudes!


After a bit of searching i came across that site in my way and use litefirm, took a while to figure how to use it, but when i got it working it, Worked a dream :slight_smile: working cd writer again :slight_smile: using the latest firmware update.

Thx for the replies btw :slight_smile:

Care to share your wisdom using litefirm.exe?

I have done a guide myself, on my site www.justcdr.cc

step by step

Thnx a lot dude.
Sort after I posted that I figured how to do it and it was a success.
From the original to the VS08 in one jump.
And it fuccking rulz!!

Glad you got it working

np :slight_smile: