40125s Ide Led

I upgraded my NEC CDRW to a new Liteon 40125S.
One thing i notice is that even when the system is idle, the IDE LED on the computer case lightly flickers at regular (1 second) intervals.
If i remove the Liteon 40125s, the flickering goes away.
If i put a cd in the 40125s , the flickering goes away.
It almost seems like the drive is monitoring for a cd or something.
The light on the actual cdrw drive does not flicker though.
Task Manger shows 0% cpu usage when idle.

I have:

Athlon XP2000+
Gigabyte 7VRXP (kt333) motherboard
IBM 120gxp 80gig harddrive (IDE0 master)
Liteon 40125S ZS0J (IDE1 master)
MSI Geforce 4Ti4400
Enermax 350w PSU
WIndows XP Pro Corp (SP1)

This “problem” has been discussed earlier and is normal. You might want to search the forum if you need more reassurance :slight_smile:

Thanks for answering.

I just did a search on google and found that this is due to windows “auto insert notification”.

I apologize for not looking before posting.

No apologies are necessary. :slight_smile: :smiley: