40125S Drive dead after flashing?



Hello folks,

i decided to flash my 40125s (Z… Firmware) to 48125w with mtkflash and used firmware vs0d.bin. mtk said all done and please reboot. so i hit ctrl + alt + del (was that dumb?). pc rebooted and now hangs on ‘detecting ide drives’ What can i do to reanimate my drive?


I don’t know why it’s “dead” (I’ve never tried this, but according to dhc014’s page, the 5S->5W flash should be possible… maybe next time you could try the 5S 48x firmware).

Try the dead drive recovery instructions at http://dhc014.rpc1.org/howto.htm#mtkflash and note what he has to say about getting around the hanging-at-IDE-detection problem.


I had no problems, when I flashed my 40125S to a 48125W about a year ago. Maybe bstenmans used a too old version of mtkflash?


Thank you guys, especially code 65536, my drive is now recognised as 48125w and now producing an audio cd at 48x. For my second try flashing i chose an older firmware (vs0b instead of vsod) and a newer version of mtk (1.8 instead of 1.6). Thank you!


As long as a drive is detected in Windows, the “LiteOn Firmware Flasher” available here should handle those cross-flashes with .bin files. MTKFlash is really only needed for recovery of a “dead drive”. (and for those who can’t resist DOS) :wink: