40125S and problem with CDRW

Since last time I have the problem with burning CDRW disks.
It means that liteon 40125s do not write on CDRW.

I have no problem with CDR and all is OK.

But when I want to write CDRW all proces under Nero going well, but finally CDRW disks are still blank. I’ve tried to use many kind of CDRW disks and always nothig.

During recording proces with CDRW disks the led on recorder not flashing (yellow/red) but still is red.

The same situation ocurs on other computer. So I think that the problem is with my recorder. Once again I apointed that with CDR disk everthing is OK.

Plese HELP


I had a similar problem with my 401250S when using 4X and lower CD-RWs. Using 12X CD-RW media was the solution in my case.

same situation with CDRWx4 i CDRWx12 (Platinum)


Since I installed InCD v4.0.1.0 I have no problems at all with the CDRW in my liteon 48246K. Even cdrw that is over 5 years old works…

But my sony 175a1 will not read all of them :confused: