40125S - 48125W made my drive slow plz help!

I flashed my 40125S to 48125W using vs02.bin and it flashed properly. When i burned MOHAA disk 1 with it set to 40x12x48x, it read the whole disk using clony xxl settings in about 30 minutes. After burn, it takes it more than a minute and a half to read 1%!!! What happened? Someone please help me out. THanks.

I just did a test burn and the burn is ok, but the read is way too damn slow.

Check the CloneCd log while reading,if the read retries have a value higher than “0”,change it to “0”…
The 1% reading is always slow with the correct settings,but speeds up,your cd should be read at approx. 8 minutes…:slight_smile:

Yeah thanks for the tip, it took about 5 minutes for it to up to 13.5x reading speed, but didn’t go higher after that. But i have a toshiba 16x dvd i can use to read, it took that drive 2 minutes to get up to 26x reading speed.