40125s @ 48125w and problems with EAC

Hello I’m new in here and I’d want to have this thing clear: anyone has ever noticed problems in extracting an entire cd with EAC using the “C2 errors detection option enabled” with the firmware VSO8 used on a liteon 40125s? Yesterday i noticed that it tends in very rare cases to jump or repeat some samples, so when you listen to the obtained wav, you can clearly hear that in some points there are missing or repeated samples (and the strange thing is that EAC doesn’t signal any error!). On the contrary I have to say that this firmware is great for writing, cause it really improves writing on cheap media (tested on various cd-rs :slight_smile: ).


Little add: this very rare error (only 2 on a total of 43 min of music) is made also by the firmware ZS0N, so it’s not an overclocking problem. The disc from which I’ve extracted the music is a cd-r and it’s a little bit scratched but in my dvd-reader (Matsushita) it’s played and extracted by EAC fine, so it has to be something that regards a bug in liteon’s firmwares. Maybe I have to enable the “caching option” in EAC?

These are 2 links of 2 in which you can hear the problem (I’ve just uploaded these mp3s :slight_smile: ):

First error (error at 7 secs of this mp3)

Second and third error (after 4 and 10 secs. in this mp3)

Thanks again for any answer!

Yes. I think also that it is a bug in reading engine. Very possible.


Anyone else reports sporadic problems with EAC and Liteons?
Anyway, with good cds (no stratches) extraction is fast and fine.