Hi to you all!

I'm very new to this oc thing with burners.
I have just recieved my new 40125s burner and my question is as followes.
I would like to oc it to a 48 but can i flash it with VS02 firmware right away ore must i flash it with some other firmware first?

Thank you for a great forum.Reading this made me go from plextor to LiteOn.

I'm so sorry for my bad english!

Thank's in advance


Why do you want to overclock?

You only save 20 seconds if you burn a full cd!

I have done overclocking my drive, too.

Why not:

  1. You will lose your warranty!
  2. Your drive will not work as long as in standard (40x)!
  3. You will have some errors when you burn, if you dont have the right cdr-media!

In my opinion it’s not worth overclocking!

Now to your question:

All you need is a bootable floppy in pure dos, the tool mtkflash and the VS02.BIN for o/c.


Madison :

  1. You will lose your warranty!

But then again, it’s not virginity :bigsmile: he can easily find it ( warranty, that is ) simply by making a step backward. And nobody will ever notice anything ! Unlike the other case :bigsmile:


While we are on the subject, I know this may have been discussed already, but which firmware that changes 40125s -> 40125w? It seems all the threads are about OC’ing to 48x…


If you havn’t upgraded your 5S (still original firmware) the thing that will differ if you upgrade to a 5W is that it will have P-CAV and Mt Rainier. But there is official firmware for the 5S that does just that, so there is really no need to up a 5S to 5W. :slight_smile:


So by upgrading with firmware ZS0J, I can get the P-CAV and Mt. Rainier, and it will stay at 40125S, and not changing to 40125W?

I read a thread where someone had some problems with media compatibility using the ZS0J firmware…

Does ZS0A (I know it’s an older firmware) offer P-CAV or Mt. Rainier or is it better for media compatibility?


If you are going to stay at 40x, Zs0J is really good firmware and it gives good support to different media. I have used it but then finally I upgraded to Vs06. Although, I have been back and forth a few times.:bigsmile:


Is vs06 an OC to 48x? I have seen vs06 mentioned on several threads, but vs02 seems to be the more popular oc fw. I don’t want to OC my 40x at the moment (void your warranty thing), but would like the best firmware upgrade for my 40125S.


VS06 is the latest firmware for the 48125W.


And Zs0J is the latest for the 40x-“S” model.



I’m back :bigsmile:
As we both know the latest zs0K works just perfect !


Welcome back, BoSkin, and yes, I do know Zs0K is the latest and geatest so far for the Liteon 40x. Did I make a mental error or is it just that Zs0K came out after I wrote that? Regardless, Zs0K has been an excellent firmware upgrade. I liked Vs06 too but it was not yet supported by my favorite programs, like Feurio.:cool:


airhead the 5w 40x series does not have mt. rainier support yet although the 48x and 40x ‘s’ series later firmwares have…I wonder why liteon are taking so much time bringing out a mt rainier firmware for the ‘w’ series 40x burners?



no, man, you were absolutely correct then, on 26th of June.
As far as I remember the latest one, zsOK,became available the day after, on 27th of June.
But the strange thing was that I couldn’t figure out where I got the .bin file from :confused: I mean the one I sent to you that very day.
Well, real funny.