401@811 writes to dvd-r?



Hey guys, i am the owner of the liteon LDW-401s DVD+R drive with ES0K firmware. Now im reading that with the mod etc i can upgrade to a 811s. My question is this, if i convert my drive to a 811s will it burn dvd-r’s as the 811s does??? SasArchiver (and what is the chances on it working right and not mesing up my drive)


I think you already got all answers HERE.

BTW, you will never know until you tried it. And you can always go back.
Just remember to backup your eeprom, 3 copies stored on different places.



yes i did. but i was not told if writes to DVD-r, and also i would like to hear other ppls opion on this :)…SasArchiver


You might want to have a look at the DVD media test forum, there’s loads of DVD-R scans in there from 401@x11 burners. Be aware that there are issues with -R on all LiteOn burners, but none are specific to 401@x11 drives.