400GB Seagate SATAII $99 shipped @Newegg

I saw this deal at FatWallet and thought I would pass it on. This drive comes with free 3 day shipping and of course-no tax! You must use this coupon code during the checkout process. $20 off code FREDSBARCUDA1211 :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea! Back in stock!

Yeah, I saw this this morning and they were OOS. Deal was actualy listed as expired on slickdeals.net. I’m SOOOOO tempted to go for two for a RAID 0, but…

Must stop spending. Must not justify cost! Wallet melting! HELLLLP!

Ok, I only bought one. I’m running two Seagate 300 gig PATA’s RAID 1 right now, but I guess I’ll just run a single 400 SATA in here, and put one 300 in the backup machine and the other in an external enclosure used to clone the 400 once a month or so.



Heck of a deal.

I got a 500 meg SATA II drive to go along with my IDE drives and find it pauses every now and then upon access. I think it may be the conflict between the built in IDE controller and the Promise SATA controller on the motherboard.

Just something to keep an eye on - sometimes IDE based systems don’t get along well with SATA stuff. It seems that if your motherboard comes native with SATA out of the box, like the ATI chipsets do, and you don’t use any IDE hard drives, you get better results.

boy, I was so tempted. I wanted to make sure it was using 2 platters, but alas its 3 :frowning: . For perpendicular tech. I expect the best.

I really appriciate that heads up Kirklander!

Yeah, the board I’m running is a bit of an odd duck in that, it has the best of everything under the sun. (At it’s time) It’s an Asus P4R800-V deluxe. It’s the IGA 9100 chipset from ATI. It has the standard two ATA-100 controllers in the southbridge, and also has a couple SIS/Promise controllers built onto the board outside the southbridge to handle two ATA-133 devices either standard, or RAID 0,1,0+1, and two SATA devices in the same available RAID configurations. (Unfortunately they are before the advent of 3.0, and are therefore only SATA 150)

Still, I really like the board, and it’s pretty snazzy for a socket 478 rig. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to add, it’s got 1394a too.

Looks like I’ll be just running DVD’s on the IDE channels though. Too bad too, because I can run up to 6 IDE devices.


My Asus A8V-E Deluxe is a spiffy board too. I’m kinda bummed about the SATA pause, but I’m only using that 500 gig drive for storage, so I don’t access it very often.

Hey, enjoy your system for as long as you can. If I’m lucky I can wait another 2 years before having to consider anything else - maybe longer if I don’t get all Game Crazy and find a “Must Have” title, you know?

it pauses when it spins up.

it spins down after 20 sec (or so) of inactivity

but while spinning it doesn’t pause

Hey! How’d you know about my symptoms???

You psychic? :stuck_out_tongue:


I find that the 7200.10s are faster than the 7200.9s - this is a good deal :slight_smile:

thing sold out shortly after

:smiley: Oh yeah, I KNOW! I built this machine about 2 1/2 - 3 years ago… to replace that K6-2/450 I built in 1998/99. Sounds like you do things just exactly like I do.

Ahhhhhhhh. Awesome! Thanks!

Keep checking back there often if you really want one. They were OOS this morning too so… maybe they’ve got more on the way.


i have it set to auto notify when they do

So did I, but I’ve still yet to see anything in my e-mail. I found out they were back in stock HERE, not by the auto-notify thing.


I dont have any IDE hard drives. My 500 gig 7200.10 is very fast and nice - no problems that you mention. I copy and read a lot of huge video files (8 GB to 17 GB) . This drive also defrags very fast (as does my other 320 7200.10).

I imagine you’re running them on a SATA 300 controller, yes? Unfortunately I have SATA 150 on my motherboard as SATA 300 didn’t really exist at the time I bought it. Have yet to run a SATA drive myself. Do you have any experiance with running the newer drives on a 150 controller? If so, any insight as to what to expect would be very much appriciated.


Very nice setup you got going there! Congrats!

I have a bunch of 7200 WD 120 Gig SE’s with 8 meg cache. IDE’s. I’m too heavily invested in IDE to make the move totally to SATA. But I wanted to try a SATA drive and see what was gonna happen. It will hopefully carry over to my next system.

Yes all of them are on a SATA 300 controller. The only mobo I have (and have ever had) with SATA, supports SATA 300. I have one SATA 150 drive though and have noticed that file transfers across two SATA 300 drives are faster than transfers across SATA 150 to SATA 300. So the controller might play a key role.

I will try and get some benchmarks for the SATA 150 vs SATA 300 over SATA 300 controllers. Having said this I sometimes find my Seagate 250 gig 7200.9 a tad slower than the Hitachi 160 gigs which is a SATA 150. So the drive mechanics also do matter. Both have 8 MB cache.

Thank you BK! I need to work on the RAM though…probably next year :slight_smile: