400GB Seagate for $99.99

Fry’s in the sf bay area has the 400gb Seagate, 16mb buffer, sata and pata for $99.99. Link. I’m not sure about other Fry’s, but they usually have the same items on sale.

Wow what a deal, does it also have the (forget 3 or 5 year) warranty?

The sata version is $110 shipped. outpost.com

I think I’ll wait for a terabyte drive :slight_smile:


That’s a 5 year warranty

Wish I would have waited to pull the trigger. I got a pair of 300’s for $80 each. Would have rather paid the extra 20 beans ea and gotten a pair of 400’s instead. Don’t forget, these drives also qualify for the Seagate “Cross Country Active Storage Tour,” rebate. For details, check my thread about the 300 giggers that were $80. Links to the rebate form and MSRP pricing guide are all there, though it appears the MSRP price guide may be high. Rebates I’ve heard reports on are like $2 less than expected. Still… if you get a rebate on a drive that was priced right in the first place, what the hell, right? :slight_smile:

I’ve been waiting on these price drops for awhile now. Glad they are finaly here!


My thread’s dropping fast 'cause the deal I posted is dead now, so here’s a LINK . :smiley:


Here is the Outpost link for the PATA 400 gig Seagate HD for $99.99 shipped:



I got in on it before they ran out of stock just like last time when they had the same deal, I’ll be using it to replace my original hard drive in my Directv Tivo-based receiver :iagree:

hey “Joe_Dirt” thanks for the heads up on the Seagate rebate, I’ll send it in and hope I get something back for the drive, it sure wouldn’t hurt to try it :bow:

According to the term:

Rebate subiect to product availability and the following terms and conditions: 1. One rebate will be issued per household. 2. To be eligible for rebate, claim must include the following: … etc

:eek: Funny how I posted the link to the Outpost.com 400GB PATA 3 days ago. :stuck_out_tongue: Guess I shouldn’t have piggy-backed another thread.

Also still active: 200GB SATA or PATA (IDE), $50 shipped for those of us (hello!) whose goals are a bit less. :slight_smile:
Shows in stock from the link, but doesn’t add to cart: 300GB PATA $80 shipped.

The 400GB is [I]listed[/I] as out of stock, but it adds to my cart when I click the link. Maybe it’s just me. :o

just a heads up about this drive, the package box has model # as ST3400632A-RK but on the drive itself it has model # ST3400620A, dunno why that is though?

PS-I ordered the drive on Friday and got it delivered today

It looks like the 400 gb pata isn’t available anymore with the provided links. Also, is this drive the 7200.10 with perpendicular technology? The specs don’t tell much. Thanks.

I got it yesterday. It’ 7200.10, but without ‘perpendicular’ word anywhere.

if the model of the drive is ST3400620A, then it is 7200.10 with perprndicular, which my drive is when I received it yesterday