40% of surfers don't bother with browser security updates



A recent collaborative study between Google, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, and IBM offers new insight into how many people surfing the web are doing so safely. According to the report, a clear majority of users (some 59 percent) are using the latest version of their preferred Internet browser—but that still leaves 40.1 percent who aren’t. That’s a troublingly high number for anyone working in IT security, given that virtually all (89.4 percent) of the vulnerabilities reported in 2007 were remote exploits. Not all of these exploits specifically targeted the web browser, but it’s become the target of choice for an increasingly large percentage of all attacks. Proper browser security is therefore of paramount concern.
Link: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20080701-40-of-surfers-dont-bother-with-browser-security-updates.html



Yes and some people still no not have a firewall or anti virus I just fixed a computer with way over 100 viruses on it.