40 DVD+R DL Discs for $17 shipped (Playo 2.4x)



Stick this in your cart

then add promo coupon code at the bottom:

and you’ll get 40 DL discs for $17 shipped
(make sure shipping is set to 3-day UPS for free shipping)

These are low quality and can’t touch verbatim but you can’t beat the price.
If you have a good burner you can probably get away with it.


Sorry, the gift item is the same as the one you want to purchase. Please first remove it from your order.
Otherwise, you can checkout without the gift item and your promotion code will be kept unused.

Fails at final checkout with the above message.


It lets me get to the entering payment info, step #2
Are you saying it fails beyond that on step #3? Strange.


Yes, and despite their questionable quality, I would like to try them out. So if you do figure out a way to get this code to work, I’d be interested. I tried it with other products and it said that it would not work with them.


Man, I know they are cheap quality but that even falls under the 45 cents a disc mark. Then again these are faked Ricoh discs. :wink:


Same error on the code for me as well.


works just fine for me with the promo code
just add the item in the link in the first post to your cart, then go down to promo code field on the bottom and paste the promo code and click apply…another item will be added to your cart for $0, then just checkout


When you go to checkout it says it’s the same thing and you have to remove it and save your promo code. Oh well


I just placed an order, the promo code worked fine for me.


Tried three more times. Still don’t work. You must know someone Henry LOL


Same here…


great price…s*** brand


HenryNettles can you double check your order and make sure you actually got two?

Tried a million times still won’t work lol


Thanks for the tip, ck! I just successfully ordered two, no problem.

While Playo isn’t Verbatim by a long shot, I’ve had excellent success in burning their + SLs that I bought a ton of at Staples last year for $6 a spindle of 50. Not a single coaster plus they burn & play perfectly.

Great for backing up material for mooching relatives…:slight_smile:


The only time my order went through to the end the extra pack was taken off. I tend to believe the same thing happened to the ones who think it went through successfully. If it did indeed work then congratulations cause after trying many times it ain’t happening.


In other words did your email confirmation show 40 dvd coming?


Your Newegg.com sales order has been successfully charged to your credit/debit card and order verification is now complete.

Sales order number: xxxxxxx
Customer number: xxxxxxx
Amount: $33.98
Time of charge: 2/1/2007 11:22:36 AM

If I receive :bigsmile: anything less, I’ll let you know…


Interesting. My order went through without any errors. After applying the promo code, it was showing two x 20 discs for a total of $16.99. The email titled “order information” shows

DVD+R DL PLAYO|PDLPR2420C 2.4X % - OEM (Qty=1, Price=$16.99)

Clearly, the quantity is “1”, but 1 what? The online order information status page is more revealing, it clearly shows “1 x 20”. I have sent an email to Newegg explaining the situation and asking them to cancel my order if the promotional code does not work. I’ll let you know what I hear back from Newegg.


Yeah if you don’t notice the message at the top it still is possible to click “submit order” on that same page and get just 1 pack. I almost did it.


Oops!! You guys just saved me from near-disaster. After ordering what I thought was two helpings of the offer (i.e. 80 discs for $17 x 2), I called Newegg to verify that the promo code went through. The rep said they had “fulfilled” their quota for that promotion, and I would only be getting a total of 40 discs. Sheesh…for the same money, I can get Verbatim DLs on sale. Of course I cancelled the order, whew!

BTW, it’s been awhile since I had to contact Newegg’s customer service, but my wait was 22 minutes. And for online “live” support I was also 22nd in their queue. Hope they haven’t outgrown the need for great service…which is one of the reasons they became so popular in the first place. :rolleyes: