40 --> 48x OC, quirkiness

below is some earlier experience i had with my 40125S to 48125W

i now suspect that my burns with vs01/vs02 are perfect on my 32x TY media, but when i read them back on VS0x they are read with massive errors in them

i recently changed back to ZS0J and read one of the VS0x burned disc, it had 0 errors!

i’ve yet to test ZS0A burns being read with VS0x fw, but i suspect they will have similar errors

any pointers? i love the burntimes with VS0x, and also that they APPEAR to be just as good or better than zs0a (0 errors), but if it cant read back its own burns then it doesnt do me much good

Originally posted by Xjinn

maybe i’m the first, but i am certainly not happy with my vs01 experience, i’m going back to zs0a

i burnt 3 discs all on 32x TY media, 693mb doa
first two were 48x smart burn off: 2:46 burntime, first disc barely readable, other one a coaster

the peculiar thing is they had a long stretch of errors from ~12-20minutes as well as another stretch ~50-60mins, the end of the disc was marginal

so i did a burn at 40x with smart burn on (which works perfectly with no errors on zs0a) and had the same result, but with a slightly faster (2:42) burntime

i went to do a 4th burn at 20x clv when i noticed its no longer there

since thats my preferred burn method and the rest is crap, i’m going back to zs0a

i can definitely make the switch and get spindles of 40x TY media, but only if multiple people try it and it works fine

i’m a little hesitant to switch over to a phthalycyanine based media like ritek, i really do like my taiyo, perhaps later in the year when 48x media is readily available and i may be making a switch to a real 48x (with 24 or faster rewrite) or perhaps even 52x burner

anybody else have similar results with either 32x or 24x taiyo discs? [/B]

TDK 32X Taiyo Yuden work fine @32X burn and if I do 40X burn, they slowdown to 32X @55min mark (faster to choose 32X from the start)
No errors, no problems as long as burn speed is 40X or less.
48X has some issues burning mode2/XA at the end of the disc (write slowdown)