4 pcs of HYS72D64300GBR-6-C 184P-DDR-512MB-PC2700-ECC DDR ram

Hello im very new to computer upgrades and need your help please,i have a hp a250n and i want to upgrade the ram they told me at HP my mother board wich is a Asus P4SD-LA4 will only run low density ram,i purchased 4 pcs of HYS72D64300GBR-6-C 184P-DDR-512MB-PC2700-ECC DDR ram i cant figure out if its low density or high density,Please Help :frowning:

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I’ll take a guess and say its low density, give it a shot.

according to Intel under “comp density” they are 256, and that is as low as that range goes, so…

Whether or not it will support all four sticks remains to be seen, try two first.

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I doubt that you should have ECC memory in your computer.

i called hp once and they said i need non ecc memory,then i called them back and they said the ecc would work,so i got tow answers from HP

I doubt it will work as the ram you list is shown as being a registered modual (has buffers on the memory) and the board you have listed looks like a standard board. Usually registered ECC ram is only used in servers and most desktop chipsets dont support it and will refuse to boot with it installed.