4 Japanese camcorder makers to standardize digital recording

I just posted the article 4 Japanese camcorder makers to standardize digital recording.

Sony, Canon, Sharp and JVC have announced they will create a
standard for digital recording. The four all manufacture camcorders which tape
sound and pictures to mini digital…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6171-4-Japanese-camcorder-makers-to-standardize-digital-recording.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/6171-4-Japanese-camcorder-makers-to-standardize-digital-recording.html)

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I thought the stuff with the DV logo on it already was standardized…?

Well if there’s a standard coming to DV then I’ll hold off my DV purchase till spring.

yet again capitalistic shit cant cut it anymore you cant hold back tech these days look at apple for god’s sake their aint almost any market for 64 bit apps …did they give a shit?? no they introduced the G5 64 bit system cause they know intel and amd are holding back trying to suck as much as they can …comming november gona buy a G5 unless intell and amd decide to get off their weak ass crap and put some power out the PC market…nuff said it is time to use HD video dv is allready old man …this is good news for all use home video enthusiasts

I think you can buy an AMD 64bit now… or soon anyway, it’s not Intel or AMD’s fault it’s 100% Microsoft they used to have a 64 bit version of windows but only 3 people bought it so they figured they should stop working on it, and with Intel and AMD begging MS to start again here we are. What are you doing that required 64 bit? were you one of the 3 people who bought the 64 bit version of windows? Apple has less power in the computer world then 7-11 does, they are 3rd BEHIND Linux in seats. Standards are great that’s why we have so many of them.