4 Files on me harddrive

i have a film on my computer but i can’t find any .iso .vob or any of the other dvd files i have read about. When i open the folder there is :

.dat files and .vcd files a fnt file a app file

Help me i need this for back up :slight_smile:

Hey there and Wellcome to CDFreaks!

It sound like you have a film in S/VCD format. We need some more info tho. Like where did the film come from and how big is it etc?


Hey the hole film is 1.3gb and it looks to be cut into 2 cd’s i have already wasted on disc on trying to burn it but i have anymore dvd rw left over so it will have to go on a dvd r

Hope this helps


sorry about the double post but my brother is putting pressure on me to get this film on to disc. So as from above i need to get them lot of files what where in 4 folders onto a DvD i was wondering how i would go about getting them to the .iso or something so they go on