4 episodes onto one dvd?

I am going to start here because this seems most logical… I have done a lot of searching through the old threads and I am still confused. I am trying to put multiple episodes (hopefully 4) onto one dvd. I am using Nero and it seems the old threads say to use dvdshrink - or something similar - to make the files smaller and then burn them, but to be able to use dvdshrink my files are not in the right format. The files are .avi and divX files - which I am getting the impression are the same thing (I know Im a noob), while dvdshrink wants iso files. SO, does anyone have a better way or can explain this way better to me? The bottom line is I want four episodes onto one dvd … if you can help at all that would be awesome. Thank you

I used dvd flick to convert 4 40-42 min avi’s to dvd video, it came out quite nice

you lose a little too much quality with 4 50+ min ones

of course blank dvd’s are so cheap why worry?

Try with DVDFlick ,FAVC, or ConvertXtoDVD…but how long are they?..I personally wouldn’t put more than 2.5 hrs. on a 4.7GB disc… but to each his own as they say…Remember the proggy you use needs to compress the files enough to fit disc,the more compression the lower the quality,if that’s important to you…
Edit: guess Dachew,recommended Flick already…

The longest one is 43 minutes. I downloaded the DVD Flick and it seems to be putting them together like I want - Thats a HUGE help:D. Now, is there anyways to create a menu in the beginning?

Thank you again

convertx is menu capable, flick is not

convertx works on a few especially hard conversions that flick has trouble with, convertx is not as good at hitting the target size tho, it supports graphical subs where flick does not, it faster than flick but you lose more quality