4 dvd's -> 1 dvd

I’m looking for software that will allow me to take 4 dvd’s and place the contents onto a single dvd. I’m aware they’ll have to be compressed. What software would I need to do this?


Take a look at this site, they have plenty of guides related to dvd’s and a big forum. http://www.doom9.org/

First use Nero to make up a DVD (It will compress if you want it too) and write to hard drive, or dont compress with Nero and use one of the other programs like EB CloneDVD

I am assuming these are DVD’s that contain video. These DVD’s must be pretty small in size. If they are close to 4Gb each than the quality of the video is going to be worse than VHS once they are compressed to fit on a single disc:disagree:

I would recomend using any of the methods suggested here but run it on a hard drive to see how the video looks.