4 DVD speed at 16 DVD speed



I was told that trying 4 times media at 12 times was too much. Is this true?

Because I got my cheap “BulkPaq DVD-R 4.7 GB 4Xspeed” to write at 16x, and produce no errors.

Source: Ebuyer
More: http://www.bulkpaq.co.uk/

Disk information:
Media Type …: DVD-R
Media ID …: PRINCO <— (That was suprising)
Speeds …: Made for 4x
Capacity …: 4.35 Gb of data written
Sectors …: 2281008
Layers …: 1

At ebuyer it is currently:
£4.46 (UK) / $8.59 (US) / $10.33 (CAD) / €6.30 (EUR)
To me that looks very good. Only £4.46 for 25! Well they are having a deal sale.

I installed NILs 1.14 hack for my Pioneer DVR-108, and then tried buring them at 16 speed. It all seemed to go fine and the verification was fine.

I then ran some further tests using Nero CD-DVD speed and VSO Inspector. Here are the results:

Nero CD-DVD speed disk quality check wouldn’t work (The start button was disabled even though there was media in the drive) and then it crashed when I tried to do another test.

Nero verification and VSO inspector reported no errors.


My 4x Verbatims (MCC01RG20) will burn fine at 12x in 6.50 mins with my NEC 3500 (hacked firmware). 16x was not an option.