4 devices, jumpers, master/slave/cable select, primary/secondary



Im in a bind. I have a 80 gb western digital hard drive with a standard windows XP operating system. I also have another WD 40GB hard drive that I use for media. I have a lite-on dvd burner and a lite-on dvd rom. I need to know primary/secondary ide cable arrangment and master/slave/cable select on my devices. I have a pentium 4 processor and a bluford motherboard(looked it up and nobody knows much about it)(from dell) standard NIC card and 6 usb ports that came stock with the case. 250 watt power supply.


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

My suggestion is the following :slight_smile:

Primary master --> the hard disk with the operative system (the 80 gb drive)
Primary slave --> the other hard disk (the 40GB one)

Secondary master --> the burner
Secondary slave --> the dvd rom

Select jumpers correctly on drives, and remember to connect the master drive on the external connector and the slave one on the intermediate connector :slight_smile: