4 Crackers only



hi buddies :cool: ,
this new DRM thing for micro$oft has to be cracked, anyone have any suggestions ??


It’s already been done by some Oriental dude.
If you know how to use Google wisely, you can find out how.
It would be against forum rules for me to say more.


I’d like someone to crack any standard dvd recording software that can be downloaded from any of the OEM sites. Hopefully, this would allow (some?) computers to open, play, and copy some self-recorded dvd’s the same as the freestanding units the software came from? No program I have found acts the same as a freestanding unit and such a program would be sweet.

While this might be a “crack” and not approved by the OEM’s–I don’t think it would be illegal. Right now, the OEM’s “tie” the software to their units and you can only get the software by buying a unit. That in itself is illegal thereby allowing the self-help. Course, if anyone is threatened with a lawsuit (Decrypter comes to mind!!!), it would be time to close shop. Trying to improve the OEM products for free should only cost so much! (smile!)