4 coasters in a row on my new DW1650 :(

hello! i had been having some bad burns with my old lite-on 832 so yesterday i have installed new benq DW1650 after reading so many good reviews of benq drives on the web (esp i saw 3 editors choice award for DW1640). now i’m burning all the crud off my hard drive, but i have just done 4 coasters in a row and it frustrated me enough to post here, what could be wrong? it says medium error and the burnprocess terminates, sometimes halfway through but usually at the start. i have read that this means you have crap media, but these are fuji dvd-r 8x made in japan, supposedly one of the best, which took me a long time to find (it’s really hard to get TY media in australia!). i shut all programs in the background before burning and i didn’t so much as touch computer during the burnprocess. i even installed and checked in QSuite which said this media is OK to burn at 8x, and i tried at 4x and it didn’t work either. the drive is secondary master and on UDMA2, i checked all this. the firmware is BCDC which came stock, i didn’t change this because i have read on this forum people recommending to leave BCDC on because BCHC is no good.

HELP! i see so many people here with really nice scans, what could it be that i am doing wrong? or do i just have really bad luck?

the new drive is not plain broken because i have also had some successful burns, in fact the last burn which was successful gave the best scan i have EVER had, i’ll attach that. this was on fuji dvd+r 8x.

but i have mixed results, they seem to be really good, or coasters. i have also made a coaster on my last “That’s” disc which was the most expensive media i have ever bought. i’ll attach that one too - the graphs don’t actually LOOK all that bad, qualitatively, but it had many PO failures and those parts of the disc were unreadable! (unrecoverable crc errors from both this benq drive and from my old liteon when i try to copy the stuff back to the hard disc) and stupid me deleted the data off the hard drive before i checked the burn :rolleyes:

those t02 look good.t01 is quite old: @ which speed did u burn them?

Exactly what is the Media ID of these disks?

BTW the scan speed for a Benq is 8x , not 4x , so saves alot of time.

hm i should be scanning at 8x? phew that’s good news (ppl in the liteon forum had told me to always use 4x and it took aaages :doh: )

well, i have a new best burn as of a few minutes ago, another good T02. PIF total < 100 is (was) unheard of for me.

the T01 i burned at 4x i think. they ARE old, i bought them probably more than a year ago, what kind of shelf life does dvd media have??

@TimC: the media id of the fujifilm dvd-r 8x spindle are TYG02

That’s a very nice burn indeed, so nothing wrong with the 1650, could just be a bad batch or fake TYs.

The scanning speed for Liteons is 4x , although many support using 8x for the 5 & 6 series. Benq’s have always been 8x.

Have you got Qsuite from Benq as the default for solidburn is on for unknown media & off for known (I think it’s that way round). Many suggest that on for both is best.

I’m using BCFC btw as BCHC seems to be giving some people problems.

it couldn’t be fake media because it’s this fujifilm stuff i bought at the same time and place as these nice T02 ones, the packaging on the spindles was even the same (except for the colour and, of course, the +/-). if i knew the dvd+ were going to be so good and dvd- were so bad, i would have only got + :stuck_out_tongue: but it was a test purchase to see which my drive liked better. :slight_smile:

i have some more questions, i rescanned my disc at 8x and it’s still excellent result, but i noticed something different happened at 8x which wasn’t happening at 4x: the drive slowed down periodically during the scan. if you can see in this attachment the green line superimposed on the PI graph, it is dipping down in a kind of comb pattern - what is this for? is it bad or normal? i have also noticed in other peoples scans an additional grey line also superimposed on the PI graph, what does that represent and why doesn’t my drive or program reporting it?

Unfortunately, that is normal behavior until BenQ
addresses the issue with new firmware.