4 cd to 1 dvd?

hi first i like to thank all my friends here to help me out findin a good dvd writer…i bought myself sony dru820a few days back after readin complete review here…thanx :clap:

now my problem…i want to know how can i burn 4 iso images to single dvd…eg i have nfsmw 4 cds n i want to burn it on single dvd…how to do dat…data dsic burnin is not useful as its safedisc secure…plz help me out…thanx a lot

just use a proggy like nero and burn as a data disk.

no wat i meant is to burn iso file so tat it unpacks on dvd…i dont want to juz copy iso image to dvd…so how can i burn 4 iso images to single dvd???


tats for movies…does it apply to everythin in general??

Sorry mate i dont unnderstand what you are looking for in a program. Do you want a program that can play cds in your dvd player?

You want 4 cds to act as one big iso?

Hi Noban

I am assuming you have [B]bought[/B] a legitimate copy of Need For Speed Most Wanted.

If you want to copy all the files from your originals to DVD and install from the disc you create it will not work.

The install program will be configured to look for each CD at certain stages of the install process. It may be possible to edit install scripts for some games to point at folders on a DVD; however my copy of NFSMW Black Edition has no scripts that I can see. I presume the install program “speed.exe” handles the prompts for CDs, and without de-compiling, editing and re-compiling this program there is no way to change it.

I would recommend buying some quality blank CDs and backing up your originals onto them instead. Four CDs isn’t too bad to live with; after you install you only need CD one in the drive to play anyway.

@braynes xactly tat iwant…
@kim says its not possible but original comes on single dvds also iguess…

ll make myself more clear…i hav 4 iso n want to burn (rip unpack) watevr to single dvd and not juz copy 4 iso…i want to extract all 4 iso to single dvd +_R


I understand perfectly what you are trying to do. You want a fully working backup of your game on one DVD rather than 4 CDs. You would like to make this single DVD from ISOs you extracted from those CDs.

You can extract all the iso’s and burn to a single DVD if you wish, but as I already stated, when you try to install the game, the instalation routine will fail.

Yes, there is a DVD version of the game, but the installation program, game executable and possibly more files will be different than the CD version.

In the DVD version you will not need to swap discs but in the CD version you do. The CD version installer knows to look for the next CD in the sequence, the exact layout of that CD and the files it should contain.

When it comes to the prompt for CD 2 the install routine will be looking for a disc with the exact layout of that CD. As your DVD will contain all four CDs the structure and layout of it will be very different to what the installer thinks is the right disc and the install process [B]will[/B] fail.

If you still want to try this I suggest you use a DVD+/-RW to save wasting a disc.

Open the ISOs in winrar and extract them to a folder on your hard disk.
Burn the files to the RW and try the install routine.

The chances are the installer will ask: “Please Insert Disc Two”. You will click ok as all the game files are on the disc. As they are not in the format the installer is looking for it will continue to ask for disc two.

depends… if all cds have different file names he could probably get away with it… anyway, because of the protection, he probably wont beable to get all the information onto the disk in the first place.

oh thanx a lot got it…
thanx kim n haveacigar
i mounted those iso usin demon tools and installed game perfectely but so sad cant put on dvd… tried extractin n puttin files on dvd but inspite it askd for cd2…bad so sad…it means watever cds i got more than 2 like max payne etc cant be put on dvd…
gonna try last time n then ll burn on cds…thanx again replyin so quick


Regardless of the file names on the CDs being different or not it would still be the installer that would cause problems.

From my previous post:

When it comes to the prompt for CD 2 the install routine will be looking for a disc with the exact layout of that CD. As your DVD will contain all four CDs the structure and layout of it will be very different to what the installer thinks is the right disc and the install process will fail.

This means that even if all files on all 4 CDs had different file names, (which I haven’t checked) the game would simply refuse to install because there are files on the disc you are telling it is disc two that, to the install program, simply [B]should not be there.

As noban stated, he has already ripped the discs to ISO format which would require defeating any rip protection present on the disc.

If the files are extracted seperately from the ISO to HDD and burned in a bog standard burning app any copy protection would not be burned onto the resulting disc(s).

This may be a problem only if the game executable is geared up to looking for weak sectors or similar to identify a genuine disc before play.

Its inconvenient but at least you should be able to make a backup on CD.

See above though. Copy protection may still turn and bite you on the bum :slight_smile:

I meant if all file names were different, then you could put the min the relitive folders, eg the main folder when you open the disk. If it were able to find what it was looking for, in the place it was looking for, i see no reason why it wouldnt be able to read it.

I understand what you mean haveacigar. If the installer weren’t fussy then it would probably find the files on the disc and install no problem. All I was saying was that most modern games including the one in question will not install like this.

This is exactly my point. :doh: It won’t because if the files are combined to one disc then this disc is completely alien to the installer. It simply will not be the place the program thinks it should be looking :disagree:

It is programed this way deliberately to stop you messing with the configuration of the source discs.

Steps to create a DVD for NFS:MW

  1. Create a Temp folder on your hard-drive.
    Name this folder: NFSMW_DVD. This will be the name (Label) of your DVD.
  2. Copy all the contents from CD1 to the Temp folder.
  3. From CD2 copy “1compressed.zip” to the same Temp folder.
  4. From CD3 copy “2compressed.zip” to the same Temp folder.
  5. From CD4 copy “3compressed.zip” to the same Temp folder.
  6. Find the file “common_filelist.txt,” delete all of the content and replace with:

1,1,Support\EA Help*.* /s
1,1,Support\European Help Files*.* /s

  1. Burn the contents of the Temp folder to a DVD with the Label: NFSMW_DVD

You can also create a fold for patches and such if you desire.

I had a fix but I like yours a lot beter.Nice job

wow magical thanx a lot man…ll giv it try today only cheers

Let me know if this works; I had something like that in mind but yes…Magical said it WAY better. If it does, I’m going to try and modify it and save some space backing up 2, 3 and 4 disc games…the Sims University keeps comming to mind…

ITS WORKING MATE>>CHEERS >>THANX TO MAGICAL…dunno about other games…