4 CD burners at once



I want to give a little history first please for my use of 4 burners at once, then the questions I have.
In the past I had a P4 1.6GHz with 4 IDE burners (Optorite CD-RW CW5201) using Nero 6 ultimate edition. My first attempt to use all 4 at once failed, but I finally figured out to put the hard drive on the addin IDE card and put the burners on the IDE directly on the motherboard. It took over 10 minutes to burn all 4 at the same time set at 16X. It started to fail and I wanted to go faster, so I finally got the cash to upgrade the computer.
Currently I have a P4 3.2 GHz computer. The hard drive is now SATA and the CD burners are on the motherboard IDE still. It still failes some on 16x, but burnes 12x in 5:50 minutes. Even at 12x it sometimes failes. :doh:

The motherboard only has 2 SATA ports on it.
My question is that if I get 4 SATA burners will I run into the same thing that I will need to use the SATA on the motherboard or will a SATA add in card work? An addin IDE card did not work before, so Im kinda scared to try an addin SATA card, I dont have a lot of cash to spend on stuff.

Thanks so much for the advice and help. :smiley:


Does anyone know???


It depends a lot on the motherboard chipset and the drives you use if SATA will be the way to go.
Most SATA controllers are not optimized to work with optical drives and some wont work at all.
You will also have to consider the power requirements to run 4 drives at the same time. They could consume as much as 100 Watts of power. Add the power requirements of the CPU, hard drives, USB devices and graphics card.