4 CCD files onto one DVD?

Hi, ive got 4 image files of a game and there all 745mb so will not fit on a CD-Rom. i was woundering instead of making 4 seporate DVD’s could i not just intergrate all the CCD files into one file so that all files would be on one DVD so instead of it asking me to insert disc 2 or disc 3 it just carries on with the installation.

If i can what type of software will i need to do this and where can i get it from?

Not unless you want to start to edit the software so that it would not ask for the next disk.

The only other way would be to burn the images to disk and then load them up into a VD when you want to install or play it.

Just burn each CCD File onto a CD they will fit onto a normal CD that’s what they came of and will go back onto it, most game image files from a CD are about that size give or take a few MB use Clone CD to burn them back on CD and save your self problems.