4 all you canucks, Reasonably price Verbatim +DL's


These are available on-line and in the stores as well.

After 14% tax, these work out to $3.58 per disk. I’ve never seen them cheaper!

Picked up 3 packs today. :clap:

14% tax?? Ouch. How many US dollars for a Canuck buck?


$29.95 for 10, regular price. No PST if outside Ontario (only 6% GST, except in PST/GST harmonized provinces), but ~$5 shipping.

When DL discs come down to a buck apiece, I might be interested… :bigsmile:

It varries but I believe it is 60-70 US cents to the Canadian dollar.

Well at .65 conversion, $3.58 Canadian = $2.38 US per disk, which isn’t a bad deal.

The Canadian Dollar is at .90 cents to the US $1.

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Still it’s the lowest price I have seen so far for MKM 001. Maybe they are getting ready to stock MKM 003 finally. I am sure that will be pricey.

I’ve been getting Verbatim DL here. I guess it’s about the same price with shipping factored in, cheaper if you buy 30 or more. http://www.blankmedia.ca/proddetail3.asp?id=818

Blank media is where I normally get my media from, but the 10 of DL’s shipped costs me $40.92 total. That’s just over 4 bucks a disk plus I’ve got to wait 5 working days.

If you’ve got a staples where you live, you can’t beat the price.

It’s just the sign of the times. We should see some good drops in prices on DL media this year.

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thats brutal, FS has 'em on for 24.99 this week, as well as 3 weeks ago at the same price.

I even saw MIS on the shelves this week (mixed in MII).

I was reading USD/CAD ratios and was like WTF?? Then it dawned on me the thread is beyond any expiry date :slight_smile:

Hey, Zod

Just to make you aware that this thread is from 2006.

Yes, Future Shop has a sale on 20 pack Verbatim DL’s and they do this quite often.

$1.40 per disk after taxes is not bad. The lowest that I have seen them is $1.10 per disk.

The same rule applies to the cases, the ones with the higher lip are MIS and the ones with the lower lip are MII. Both new and old packaging.


Stopped into FS today & spotted those, but all were MII.

whoops! it came up under related topics when i was reading another thread, suppose I should of read the date… sorry about that.