$4.99 Gigaware (25-Pack) 16x DVD-R or DVD+R Spindles

Radio Shack has Gigaware 25 pk spindles for 4.99 ea. Not a super great price, but the last time (a year ago) I bought some +Rs they were decent quality.

I have bought a few of these in the past and they have all been Ricoh JPN-R03’s for the +R’s. I have not seen any -R’s around. The quality has been fairly good. Comparable to the Office Depot house brand with the same media code. Not a bad deal especially if you have
a RS gift card laying around, like I do. Thanks for the info burns_alot.

I tried a couple packs of those, but they were landfill material. Not even remotely comparable to Office Depot brand R03s, which can burn as good as TY or Verbatim. Maybe I just got an early bad batch, as this was when they first started selling them a couple of years ago.

+Rs might be Ritek F16 too. -Rs probably Ritek F1.

I doubt you’ll find any RicohJPNR03 now, unless it happens to be an old pack that’s been on the shelf for ages. The Gigaware packs that I’ve tried that were R03 were ~1500 PIF.

I expect Gruggs is right, and they are are Ritek F16 and Ritek F1.

I had heard on the grapevine that Ritek lost their contract to make Ricoh, and that Ricoh had shifted all production of R03 to India. Not sure if that is true or just a rumor. The India-made Ricoh that I’ve tried in Ricoh brand was very bad.